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BasilBerryBlackBrownButter-cupCaramelDenimGraniteGunpowderIce-blueivoryMintNight-skyRedRiver BlueRoseTaupeTealWhiteYellow
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  • A collaboration with 2017 WBC Champ, Dale Harris.
  • Capacity and shape to work with Dale’s coffee recipes.
  • Loveramics signature uber-durable body.
  • Prototype hand thrown by ceramist Ben Sutton.
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LOVERAMICS 80ml Espresso Cup EGG

  • Manufactured under SCAstandards
  • Thickest possible wall keeps coffee at right temperature
  • Round base allows full flavour to be developed
  • Very dense body (<0.5% absorption rate); commercial grade high fired porcelain at 1300c
  • Wide range of capacities; many colours available
  • Its egg shape gives you a simple and warm feeling
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BasilBerryBlackBrownButter-cupCaramelDenimGraniteGunpowderIce-blueivoryMintNight-skyRedRiver BlueRoseTaupeTealWhiteYellow

Loveramics 80ml Espresso Cup TULIP


Loveramics Tulip Espresso Cup (Mint) 80ml

Eye-catching, functional and durable, Loveramics cups are designed by award-winning ceramicist, Simon Stevens. The Loveramics Tulip Espresso Cups are made to SCA standards, with ideal cup wall thickness for heat retention. The narrower body of the Tulip Espresso Cup focuses and intensifies coffee aromatics more than its wider Egg Cup counterpart. Your coffee also oxidises at a slower pace; this means the Tulip Espresso Cup pairs great with coffees with high fruitiness or acidity, and holds crema well for retaining that complementary bitterness.

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Slayer Espresso 1-Group


The Slayer Espresso 1-Group is a compact, professional-grade espresso machine designed for home baristas and small cafes. It features patented needle valve technology for precise flow control, an independent brew tank for temperature stability, and a powerful steam boiler for endless milk steaming. This machine delivers exceptional espresso extraction and consistent performance in a sleek, customizable design.

A Single Group version of the Slayer Espresso. We’ve taken just enough out to make it fit on a standard home kitchen counter and run on 110v power

43,515 AED

Slayer Espresso 2-Group


Slayer’s flagship product. Manual and completely focused on extraction. It is the only espresso machine that lets you precisely and consistently control the flow rate of water allowing you to grind coffee finer and develop incredible flavor profiles

95,700 AED

Slayer Espresso 3-Group


The Slayer Espresso 3-Group is a high-end commercial espresso machine built for baristas who demand the best. Its innovative needle-valve technology and independent brew boilers provide unparalleled control and temperature stability, allowing for the creation of exceptional espresso with complex flavor profiles.

This machine provides flow rate control via patented needle-valve technology allowing the barista to extract espresso that is unparalleled in flavor and mouthfeel.

121,195 AED
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